The Power of Training

The Power of Training

Often we look at training as individual and specific, such as weight training, cardio, cycling, yoga etc. What I can tell you from experience is…it’s the wrong way to look at training for results.

Your body is designed to work efficiently and effectively in movement. This means training for Performance. Performance wants you and your body to be tapped into how you’re moving, the effort you’re feeling and the depth you are connecting. To get into your body during fitness you must train your brain to work with you, be present and let go of hard or easy. What are you feeling? How much deeper can you go?

The answer to your weight loss or body shape goals isn’t in cardio. It is in muscle building, interval training, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and activating your stabilizing system.

You see those deep fibers help you to move and function better, which produce a response that you are working effectively without stress from the fight or flight sympathetic system which is your body in stress overload. That state of being does more harm than good. In other words, positive effects don’t stem from there and become a cycle and circle of trying to lose weight and be healthy.

Good training comes from understanding how to balance your body and find the sweet spot for your training. Posture, alignment are impacted tremendously with good smart training. Long term this type of functional training helps in every way for you to age gracefully and build up a strong foundation.

We know how important nutrition and clean foods are for your body weight as well. Again thats looking at Optimal Performance over getting into what’s good, what’s bad- it focuses on how does your body response, get you the best results and be your best. Optimal Performance looks at nutrition and fitness from this perspective and lens.

This path is way more enjoyable, more coherent, and more aligned with you training you…not for everyone else’s beliefs.

If you’re ready to take your health, fitness, weight loss, energy goals serious and to the next level, you know invest to get results in order then I have the program for you. Reach out and schedule your Discovery Call 📞.


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