The Evolution of Health

The Evolution of Health

Over the decades we have seen many additions to support health from fitness programming, ideas of fitness and all types of nutrition concepts and protocols. Something that is clear is the US Population has increased in obesity, diabetes and chronic illness. I would say this is a sign we haven’t quite gotten it right, yet.

Lifestyle Medicine, aware of the issues with health and forward thinking in health looks much deeper at all levels of the body and systems. I mean cytokines which are inflammatory and turned on during steady state exercise, inability to methylate B Vitamins, oxidative stress, neurotransmitter activity and it goes on.
Are you seeing this perspective? We must advance our scope of health as people.

Sure, we know gluten free and dairy free can help us feel better and regular exercise makes us feel good. It’s time to go beyond that, the next level.

Phytonutrients in foods, antioxidants plus a host of ways the body is asking to be supported which you haven’t even visited yet as it hasn’t been on your radar.

Now it is ahead of the curve. This isn’t something to wait on until others do it. The research and data is out. High level functional medicine professionals already know the trends and where to focus on for health. To look deeper.

Anti- Aging, vitality has a very distinguished process that you can find your way towards health.

This is exciting. Not something to shy away from either. Dig in, ask questions. Be- proactive and curious.

Today’s health has us looking at the inner working of the body and systems; hormones, inflammation, gut health, brain health, neurotransmitters, emotions, mental capabilities. All interconnected.

Be mindful, be open. Look forward rather than backwards. The only reason to look back is to connect the dots.

There’s a way forward within the new scope of health and fitness and those of us within it, are really excelling.

Keep going, you’re doing great, and I’ll be right here supporting and cheering you on.

In health & passion,


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