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Fitness and Health

Fitness and Health

Modern society has looked at fitness to be a certain way. So much emphasis on harder, more core and strength, from the outside. To be transparent, health in relation to fitness doesn’t come from here. Health in relation to fitness comes from connecting within. Your 

3 Dimensions of Health

3 Dimensions of Health

There are 2 paths. The path I am looking to show you is one that embodies all of you, values your health and success. The path I have to show you knows growth, success, health and vision are matched and elevated in the heart, mind and body through your thoughts, feelings, emotions and presence.

Your True Spirit of Health

Your True Spirit of Health

It’s interesting that you may look for a diagnosis to prove your feelings, emotions and health. A label that gives you permission to feel the way you feel.

I always go back to the story of one of the greatest athletes, Wilma Rudolph. Dr’s told her mother she would never walk again. Neither Wilma or her mother bought into that diagnosis. In fact, Wilma went on to become one of the most decorated track athletes.

In today’s culture you may be searching for answers, ” why am I not losing weight, this (fill in the blank) hurts, I can’t because” and the lists of reasons support your beliefs. These beliefs may not have initially been your beliefs, you may have been exposed to a culture and community that bought into them

Buy in.

What are you buying into? Essentially accepting. In accepting and buying into you are giving your power away.

Let me circle back to health. Your nervous system when experiencing trauma will produce a response to keep you safe, free from pain. Here you are, in some type of pain, or holding pattern and your body is responding to the trauma. The trauma held in your body. Past experience which you continue too re-live.

Your physical body is responding to an experience held in your mental and emotional body. Your feelings, emotions direct energy. Your physical body responds to energy. Your mental body creates experiences, thinks and lives.

This is really important. I am not saying you are not feeling what you are feeling and experiencing. I am saying your Nervous System is dictating your outcomes and results. The process and flow of your energy is the channel in which your health flows. Disrupt the process and flow and diminish your returns.

Health comes through a settled, somatic relationship with your energy. Your energy is the key to results. Clean, clear, open, receptive and focused. Focused, concentration. Concentration has you centered and grounded in your beliefs and desired outcomes. This doesn’t heal your nervous system; it does put you in control. Here, you pause.

Pause into where you give your power away. Do you buy into the pain and story of the past, holding you to the outcome of the past? Or do you step up, level up, reclaim your power, your voice your courage and say, “I WILL FIND MY WAY.”

Health is serious. It’s also a big business.

The work you do to clear your energy and nervous system places you on a path not only to health, to freedom.

Free of the pain, free of the consumption of trauma and drama. Freedom opens your physical, mental and emotional body to thrive. To take your health and body to the next level.

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The Evolution of Health

The Evolution of Health

Now it is ahead of the curve. This isn’t something to wait on until others do it. The research and data is out. High level functional medicine professionals already know the trends and where to focus on for health. To look deeper.

Anti- Aging, vitality has a very distinguished process that you can find your way towards health.

The Power of Training

The Power of Training

We know how important nutrition and clean foods are for your body weight as well. Again thats looking at Optimal Performance over getting into what’s good, what’s bad- it focuses on how does your body response, get you the best results and be your best.

Mindset: The New Strength Training

Mindset: The New Strength Training

There’s alot of talk around mindset. Why is mindset so important?

Just like strength training is to your muscles i.e. growth, shape, strength and clean eating is to your body i.e. healthy weight, clear mind, good energy, mindset give you that strength and control in your thoughts and beliefs.

I’ll go alittle deeper.

Mindset looks at your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, Your thoughts are electric sending out a signal. Your feelings are magnetic, what you are feeling is drawing in to you experiences- good and bad. And your Beliefs control, dictate, oversee what you think and how/what you feel.

So mindset works in all of these areas- thought, feelings and beliefs. Change your beliefs and your thoughts shift, your feelings become less or non- resistant. You can change your thoughts by seeing new perspectives, leaning in to a new focal point. With that you can shift your feelings about the thing you were charged up about- having reoccurring patterns, negative experiences or not able to reach the results you are working towards. Your feelings shift as you allow acknowledge and celebrate your shift, essentially letting go of the old limitation. You have come into a new mindset around that pattern, topic or experience. This is growth and strengthening your mind to be in alignment with your true self.

Mindset is something to train daily. Whether it be a podcast, book, you tube, seminar, journaling, meditation, something that encourages you to think, feel and believe in the unseen…That which you Desire. Desire is a feeling, turn that on and you are on your way to seeing that which you desire in your heart to be true begin to unfold and manifest.

Just like strength training takes time to build your muscles, resiliency, mindset take proper work, focus and attention.

Mindset is the operating system behind your thoughts feelings and actions. These all lead to habits. What we know about healthy habits is they lead to results plus confidence, goal setting and action which I’ll define as the work plus rest/reset. Mindset is a series of training to find the best version of yourself. Aligned with your own identity and your own beliefs.

Being in community with likeminded people, having support systems which believe and identify what you do adds to your ability to shift your mindset into one that feels true, organic, natural in alignment and excites you.

Mindset is also what separates top elite level athletes with others. These athletes have a belief, a passion, resolve so strong they become unshakeable, unbreakable. Think Tom Brady, Wayne Gretzky and Simone Biles. This is another aspect Mindset holds power.

You have many ways to work and strengthen your Mindset. Let’s get to work, what are you going to begin with?

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