Work with Me

Work with Me

Your health is important to you and, to me. I believe training is individualized, deserves attention and about quality over quantity.

Taking your fitness & health to the next level.

You can continue on the path you’re on, starting and stopping, investing in performance equipment, dabbling in fitness, nutrition and health, taking programming that pushes you so hard you find yourself depleted or running on the same path. My approach with nutrition is to give you the tools, skills and structure to eat clean, make good choices and stay disciplined. Disciplined may sound like a hard word yet when it comes to nutrition & health, discipline is the structure and mental foundation which holds it all together. I promise you there is a simplicity with food, nutrition and food choices. When you ground this into practical application your capacity to navigate your health, fitness and nutrition elevates. Focus on Accomplishments and successes in small and consistent ways builds the fortitude and resilience necessary to make your new nutrition, fitness and lifestyle habits you have come to expect of yourself. Your new normal.

If you train with me, my work supports your body & health in a modern version of strength & training. Having trainings in many methods of training and STOTT Pilates, Intelligent Exercise, brings a very modern and functional approach to training for my clients.

My deep understanding of anatomy, your muscular system and your skeletal system I work with clients from pre, post-natal, to elite level athletes. When it comes to pre-post-natal diving into the pelvic floor and pelvic alignment is essential to restore your body back to post baby. Elite level athletes work with strong movement patterns where my training methods go deep to activate inhibited movement patterns and activate and recruit necessary muscle fibers. It is not flexibility which stops and limits you, it is the inhibited muscles not engaged and active.

You’re not a bodybuilder and you want a strong, mobile, flexible, powerful, centered and active body, strong and supple. You want your body to improve with age and experience.

Outer world stressors can sabotage you and have a negative effect on your fitness. Limited understanding in training and experience of the human systems, and the true nature of your core can actually set you back and create more tightness rather than support and build deeper more supportive core strength. The point here is to really be intentional with how you’re training and the value it brings in every way.

This is what I do for my clients.

Register for a Personal Training Program, Nutrition or All-Inclusive Program that fits your needs for an uplevel in health, lifestyle and your relationship with yourself.

Sculpted & Confident Monthly Training Program (4 months required)

Strong & Bold 8 Week Body Transformation

Clean, Fresh & Healthy 3- or 6-Month Nutrition Program

10 Single Personal Training Sessions