Consistency is everything 

Taking care your health, body and success takes accountability and consistency, and fun! 

That’s why that is the focus of this program  

There is a simple path to bring your body to a healthy, fit, toned and active body.

Strength of your mind and your body blocking out distractions and fits in your busy lifestyle.  

These are the tools and skills I’m going to teach you.  After all nutrition and fitness is a constant awareness and actions. This program will meet you where you’re at and bring you where you want to be.  Through your vision anything is possible.


 Nutrition and Fitness 8 Week Program 

Nutrition and Fitness was designed for the high achiever needing focus, accountability and a super plan to reach your body, health and wellness goals. 

  • You know you want to be more active, lean out, lose weight, improve your body’s ability to move or improve your health you just don’t quite know how 
  • You’re not consistent with food or maybe with exercising and you want results. You know you need accountability 
  • You have a busy lifestyle and want to know your food and exercise will make your life better, not add more to do 


I’m here to tell you you can lose weight, increase your movement or gain better overall well-being and make it easy when: 

  • You eat abundant, delicious foods specific for you, supporting you in weight loss 
  • You have a coach/mentor/teacher who understands you, educates you about food and your body in a way no one else has, motivating you to succeed  
  • You see results, others notice the difference in you, you know it’s possible, maintainable and sustainable 


Here’s what you can expect from this 8 Week program: 

  • A coach who will give you a nutrition and fitness program that fits into your lifestyle  
  • A simple approach to food, you’ll begin to embrace, enjoy and love the process. In fact, you won’t want to be off of it!  You’ll feel so good
  • Learn skills and teachings about your body that will give you toned abs, lean arms and a better physique. 
  • A protocol of formulas to support your body from composition, health and energy 
  • A sustainable lifestyle plan which you can feel and be proud of 


Here’s how it works: 

For 8 weeks you are committed to your private coaching sessions with Monica Heiz, Optimal Performance Coach through Nutrition and Fitness.  You’ll have a food plan, exercise plan and a solid strong plan in place to increase your body’s overall health.  With a focus on success and personal development you know your belief, actions and self-image is all about taking you to the next level.  Having the skills and tools and maximizing your potential today.

Each week your assignments will stretch you, challenge you and support you in Nutrition and Fitness.