Health Coaching



Health has many interpretations.

Weight, nutrition,  exercise,  sleep, mindset, self talk are some of the common areas health is focused on.

Learning to feel confidence by gaining strength in yourself is a strong purpose of health.

When you feel an inner confidence you settle in, focus yourself.

When you find confidence you learn to trust your inner knowing, your intuition and make decisions on where you want to go. You begin to have your vision and inner strength pull you forward. Health & fitness holds its foundation here.

Your choices with health from nutrition, self care and movement require a level of confidence in yourself along with consistency.

Commitment means you put in the time, energy and work without excuses or limiting beliefs getting in the way.

You know you want better health, to feel Sevier, to embrace your body and have better habits.

This program is designed to support you into the necessary transitions to health. Havimg a coach to work with you, assist you and hold you to your highest version of yourself into the transition is the opposite of chaos and watching things fall apart.  Transitions are challenging as they are changes which you may not be ready to go through, have the proper support or have the courage, confidence and belief in a positive outcome.

Let me tell you fitness and health are an evolution and a journey. The first step is building confidence and healthy habits.

That my friend is your foundation.

Once you gain a stand, strength and an empowered self esteem in yourself, you can achieve anything. Preparation, belief, action and focus are the vehicles to move you forward in all areas of your self care and health.

In many experiences the idea of health can be a vicious cycle, perpetuating why you can’t succeed or don’t know how to feel into your efforts and achieve results.

Let’s say the starting is easy. Going the distance becomes just as much mental, emotional and physical.  That is where myself amd this program come in.

I know all the stops along the way and I have an ability to shine the path for you to take, owning consistency, believing in your results and partnering with you in accountability.

There is nothing wrong with you.

Let’s focus on your own steps and move you in the direction you want to go. Small steps with consistency and heart fueled by emotions of “you’ve got this” will in fact bring you to results.


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