Power. Holding your Power through Meditation and Mindfulness.

Power. Holding your Power through Meditation and Mindfulness.

August Meditation for Business Professionals focused on resources, your resources of Time, Energy and Money being external resources. Learning to hold your inner resource of energy through personal power is a new way to be in relationship, where you have the confidence, courage and inner wisdom to speak up, set healthy boundaries and ask for what you want.

Through this meditation we explored energy as personal power- a new way to understand your value, worth, truth, desire and how we show up in the world. Action, the ability to act, courage, will, determination all come through the power of energy.

If you are not taking actions, where are you limiting your personal power, and holding back your energy?

If you are guarded, holding your energy, personal power close to you, where are you afraid of being seen, vulnerable- not able to fully embrace your power because of past programming or fears?

During our experience of Meditation each participant was able to clearly see what they want more of, personally, professionally and in lifestyle. The conversation was open, revealing, expressive and most importantly giving everyone permission to say what they wanted, being heard, validated and owning their own power!

Looking forward to seeing you all on September 19th as Industrious hosts an Open House. Join me for a mid morning Meditation details to follow.

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