There is something unique and special about the training method of Pilates. Pilates is about the connection of the deep muscle fibers within. It is here you build strength, stability and flexibility. A series of movements naturally tending to your pelvis, hips, shoulders, trunk and abdominals. The postural muscles are disrupted in our modern era placing risk of injury and pain in movements which can be corrected. Below is a list of 10 PRO Male Athletes who incorporate Pilates in their workout routine.

Pilates was originated by Joseph Pilates and his wife Clara. It was first called Controlology.  An avid athlete in gymnastics, skiing and diving, Pilates took his fitness further as he developed his technique. It was Pilates’ belief that bad posture and inefficient breathing habits were the root causes of a person’s ill health. By 1926 he and Clara were teaching his method in their NYC Body Conditioning Gym and featured much of the apparatus designed to enhance his rehabilitation work. Their studio, the same location as the New York City Ballet, caught the attention of athletes of peak fitness and those recovering from injury.  Having ballerinas as clientele eventually influenced New York’s society women to give it a try.


Lebron James

Antonio Brown

Andy Murray

Tiger Woods

Cristiano Ronaldo

James Harden

Jake Arrieta

Tyler Seguin

Jameis Winston

Kendrick Louis

There is more to strength, core strength and your abdominals than you’re being told. When you apply the processes of activating and engaging your deep muscles beyond the traditional training methods you create true power and strength within your body and for your health.

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