Physical Mental Emotional and Spiritual Well Being

Physical Mental Emotional and Spiritual Well Being

Being able to understand the role and essence of well being in your life asks that you take a moment to assess where you’re at. How do you feel? I’m talking about how do you feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Now, Spiritually doesn’t relate to religion, it relates to yourself and something greater- from belief in yourself to faith in your next step and grace in allowing the good true and beautiful flow to you.

Physical health can often be mis-interpreted by ones appearance. Thats not truth, although, the feeling of looking good is a result of taking pride and care in ones own physical health. Physical health is a conscious effort to move your body- to actively and consciously make good decisions with food. Just as your career, and your finances expect good decision making so does your health and nutrition, your physical body.

Mental health is necessary to hold you, to find peace, to strengthen your resolve and embrace change. Embracing change can be uncomfortable and hard, yet change and growth is the only thing that is constant. Having a plan and practice in place to move with change can be one of the greatest ways you can support your health. It helps you see a bigger picture, to understand with out reaction new steps are necessary for the direction and change you want to move towards in your life, and mental strength keeps your focus. Focus towards your desires outcome, results. And, we all love results!

Emotional health is the ability to let go of negative and old feelings and emotions. These feelings and emotions weigh you down- physically and mentally too! Emotional health has you look at old patterns, beliefs and experiences that left you hurt, feeling trapped or left out. Your emotions are a guide. When you have clarity, true desire and feeling your energy radiates in that direction towards your goal and desire. This is one reason so many people have a hard time maintaining a fitness plan or keeping a clean eating plan. There are feelings and emotions of unworthy, low self esteem, not capable and just a host of unhealthy feelings and emotions blocking a genuine and true path to a healthy body. Plus, to be real here, a fitness plan must match you, not you match the fitness plan. When deciding you want to have better health, choosing a lifestyle plan that incorporates all areas of well being and addresses your needs in a fitness plan will build and develop sustainability and consistency, the 2 key ingredients to health and well being.

Well being and health begin with you. To see well being and health as an asset that must be nurtured, invested in and have healthy habits and practices. Just like money, your health can be gained in these habits, practices and lifestyle actions.

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