These are actually exciting times for health, fitness and lifestyle. While the relevance and importance of fitness and clean nutrition is at the forefront for health, this has been a trait and essential for high performance leaders. By high performance leaders I am referring those who take responsibility, value integrity and show up in passion, presence, growth and grounded. High Performance leaders often have a background in athletics/sports at an elite level, high rank in the military,

Let me tell you why. Because to be of a high-level discipline, concentration, focus, structure and emotional intelligence is required. Forging ahead is not for the faint of heart, won’t tolerate victim mentality and accepts surrender as a rite of passage with tenacity, fortitude and dignity.

This means the fun of just trying or getting in your steps or somedays you feel like it and somedays you don’t is not to the next level of health. What it is, is building your foundation- habits, discipline, structure and commitment.

There is seriousness in your next level of health as you take responsibility.

You decide you know your worth, your abilities and you choose your goals, and faith over maybes and fears.

Responsible is response able. Your next level of health will look at your Mitochondria. Your next level of health will look at autophagy. And your next level of health will look at a balance of hormones.

We go deep, rooted, grounded and vision focused with vigor. Afterall health is synonymous with vitality.

This in itself shifts your mindset and recognition of food, fitness and lifestyle. Vitality comes through choices, finding presence and peace. Being focused on food, eating, when to exercise again is foundational. Gaining autonomy in nutrition and fitness keeps you pointing your radar to new heights. Next Level.

What I love to teach is the expectation of concentration. Concentration keeps you in the moment and open. This flow state brings more awareness, heightened feeling and senses and a place of personal power.

The power of this process and experience is no negotiating with yourself. You do. You are aware in the body out of the mind and in the spirit.

Are you ready to take your health to the Next Level? Do you want to accelerate your current foundational fitness and nutrition or are you ready to begin a foundational program?

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