Movement Patterns and Function

Movement Patterns and Function

There is so much emphasis on fitness and training, which is wonderful. There is a whole other level of training which is more conducive to health. Health and movement require a process and function to mechanics, motion and movement.

Your body has systems and processes in movement. When you train these lines, these systems properly you increase athletic performance, decrease inflammation, reduce chronic pain, improve blood flow and breathing. The fascial lines of the body are programmed to work this system. They are very clear, informative and give feedback. When you are tight, when you think you are “weak”, often it is an area where your muscular system is inhibited, turned off, not active. This is not weak and is not the cause to work harder, and more. It is a recognition to create and build balance within your body.

You see, when you release and open tension and tightness you give way to more and better mobility, flexibility and postural alignment.

This process is the path for improved posture. With Improved posture all areas of your health expand. Just like all ways life around you grows and expands, so does your body’s natural fundamental movement. This is the true nature of longevity.

The systems of your body are a road map for health, vitality and longevity. While muscle mass is essential for health, maximizing your success comes from maintaining and supporting your fascial lines.

This level of fitness, training and health is next level. With a smart actionable plan in fitness utilizing your muscular system and biomechanics, less injury, more improvements. I see my clients decrease pain significantly and increase results swiftly. Aligning the body and muscles becomes natural and normal.

Re-evaluate how fitness and training are working for you. Re-assess your body and how it feels. Think more expansive and inclusive.

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