Mental and Emotional Key Strategies to Wellness

Mental and Emotional Key Strategies to Wellness

Mental and emotional wellness is a very broad topic. What I’m here to address, suggest, inspire and bring to light is a fresh perspective on mental and emotional health.

Just as we go through life stages, growth and development physically, we as humans are designed to go through growth and development mentally and emotionally. In order to grow mentally we need mental stimulation, or intellectual stimulation. Not in the form of following a path or rules set forth by others, rather by exploring beliefs, ideas and concepts where we are strengthening and formulating our own beliefs and ideas and, applying them in our own lives. What this does is shift our mindset from a very fixed belief or idea and expands into a new area. This provides one with the capability to think for themselves.

Emotional wellness requires you to release, remove, relinquish the pain causes by the disruptive emotion. Emotions are energy in motion. With an unstable, disruptive emotion resulting from being triggered you continue to repeat the pattern of unhealthy emotional reaction.

The two issues with Mental and Emotional Wellness I am pointing our are repeating patterns without finding a solution or strategy to move beyond the fixed point.

Here are 4 Key Strategies to Mental and Emotional Wellness:

  1. Be willing to observe your experiences from the places and environments you are in to the belief systems of these environments. When you are in an environment that stifles your ideas, creativity, your ability to define success and happiness on your own terms to feel safe in your own identity, your mental and emotional health will need to settle. In this kind of environment you will be triggered and run in a cycle. As you settle, gain your bearings, look around, find a new environment. Trust your inner compass, stretch your mindset, your beliefs and trust the feelings of belonging and happiness you desire. Then act.
  2. Honor your emotions and feelings. You have the power and the ability to listen, feel and trust your emotions and feelings. In situations that challenge your beliefs and ideas, that make you wrong, bad, devalue you, and/or cut your own feelings of joy and belonging it becomes personal power to honor and own your own true feelings. Stand strong, stand tall, stand proud, let your own emotions flow and move through you.
  3. Apply the wisdom of the season. This winter as we come to a close of the year, of a cycle, you are given the dark of longer nights to turn in and let go, to shed old programming, old patterns or habits that no longer will move you forward in the new year. The dark is a great place to release, to let go, turn in and comfort yourself, bringing your feelings and emotions to the surface, free them making space for the new. The new may yet to be determined. You’ll gather your own new from mental stimulation with freedom of thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs and joy. The next cycle, chapter and growth.
  4. Trust in the process of growth organically and intuitively. Human beings are designed to grow, contribute, build and connect. When you allow and give yourself time and space to clear, heal, transmute, release and flow your emotions and your mindset, you open to and connect to your Divinity. In this process you restore your connection to your source, you believe in your message and mission. Your flow for Divine Timing, Manifestation and Alignment all take root in your being. This is Mental and Emotional Wellness. You’re open receptive, allowing, and sending out signals that match you from the place of your emotions flowing freely with connection to your own Being.

This is the season to Tune in, to Turn in and to Trust. Here, during the shift to longer nights you are supported in shaking off the old. All the ways your beliefs, mindset, current connections/groups are fixed, limited in expansion and growth and all the ways your emotions have been stuck, stifled, disrupted, diffused or extinguished. This is the season to allow the freedom of your mind and of your heart. To trust in your own unique path, settle in and give yourself time and space to move mentally and emotionally and watch how your world transforms. It’s here your physical world connects to your path; to the people, environments, culture, experiences and opportunities you have been seeking.

If you are looking for a guide connect with me.

Monica Heiz

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