Marketing that sells you on your CORE

Marketing that sells you on your CORE

Marketing is designed to capture your attention and have you believe you need or want that.  CORE strength has been a great hook to get people into fitness programs.  It’s easy to show, it’s easy to feel and easy for people to believe they’re going to get tight toned abs.

Being a long time professional in the industry with a passion and love for the body, movement and fitness, that’s not the reality or truth of your CORE. 
It has become the industry model to sell services and programs on.  

Your CORE is made of the bones of your pelvis, spine and shoulders.  This is the foundation and depth of you, just like the CORE of an apple is the tough stuff you don’t eat.  
From here your shoulders and hips have ball and socket joints which build mobility for movement, and extend up, out and down. in to hold you up and have you stand tall.

Mobility and movement.  Think how much ROM (range of movement) your shoulders and hips have, forward, back, side- extension, flexion and rotation. Your spine is designed to be flexible and mobile too.  There are small muscles, intrinsic along your spine designed to hold your spine up and create rotation, flexion lateral flexion and undulate (move in waves).

In a standard CORE strength training, the backline of your body, everything in your back gets locked and the front of your body pulls, always reflecting to “tighten”. The neck pulls forward, the abs pull.
I see external rotation of the hips and internal rotation of the shoulders.  This models sitting at a desk, not a strong foundation of CORE.
CORE strength and stability works with internal rotation of the hips and external rotation of the shoulders. You actually sit on your hips and here your spine is held up. The shoulders open also naturally elongating your spine.  There is no pulling down the abs for strength.
It’s backwards.  It’s problematic longer term to follow the standard model of CORE Strength.

Breathing plays a factor in CORE strength too, actively engaging the diaphragm which supports the muscles and the lungs. You use your lungs to 100% capacity to increase lung efficiency with diaphragmatic breathing. 

If you’ve trained with me you know my attention to detail with the pelvis and hips.  This is why.  When you focus constantly on your abs believing that is your CORE you destabilize the very area you are looking to maximize and shape.

You work harder.  You believe it will work.  And what’s really happening is you’re sold into an idea by an industry who profits off of you wanting desperately to get the results.  Injuries come in, Dr, visits, Physical Therapy, everything to keep you in this pattern of working harder….
Not Smarter.

I have a different philosophy.  I have a proven method.  I believe in my skills, experience, education, trainings and proof of concept.  
I live it. I watch my clients take root and succeed.
For those of you who have trained with me, I am grateful for the impact I have been able to make in your life.

I have a few spots remaining for Virtual Private Pilates.

 “In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body”.  Joseph Pilates