How to Stay on Point with Clean Eating.

Finding peace with food and eating can actually be simple and practical. Food, is designed to nourish you. In this recognizing which foods work for you in that nourishment and which foods maybe more indulgent for joy & pleasure.

You see, when you are open to experience joy and pleasure food takes on a different perspective. It serves its purpose in the moment for joy AND you learn to let go of the attachment.

Letting go of the attachment.

Based on programming, past experiences, fear, poor choices attachment to the moment holds you hostage to the future. Sure, with making the wrong choices with foods can cause inflammation, bloating, gas, and all sorts of discomfort and pain, knowing how to settle yourself for smart choices for a sense of accomplishment and to hold yourself strong and powerful.

These diruptions from food are essential to gain a handle on. For your health.

Start here.

This requires you own up to your choices. You take responsibility for your habits and shift your mindset around d food.

Think of the thoughts you currently have around food and your actions. These thoughts and actions are leading to the results which keep showing up.

It may sound like….”How are my thoughts going to change my weight?”. If you believe each time you make a choice with food, or have a meal or food off your meal plan you are going to gain weight, then this is in direct conflict of what your desired goals are. Boom 💥

Letting go of attachment requires you to make peace and be settled, mind, body and spirit with the foods you eat. Be in Peace. Be present and accepting. This is a great test in FAITH, your FAITH in you, and in your beliefs and desires.

Try it on. I mean how does it feel? How does it inspire or make you feel?

Being open is a great gift for yourself. Open holds no resistance, no power. Which means you flow. Food, your body, tour thoughts all find a way to move and….be free.

I promise you, it sounds challenging and so outside what you can see, and it is the pathway, the gateway to the body and lifestyle you CRAVE 😉

At the end of the day, this desire for FULLNESS of life is what you are seeking and it is found here.

In health & passion,


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