Health. It’s a Business

Health. It’s a Business

Your Well Being is more powerful and influential than you give credit for. Well being shows up as confidence, not arrogance, clarity, not chaos or disruption, resilience and fortitude as opposed to emotional uncertainty.

It’s proven what you choose to invest your time energy and money in builds and increases.  Just because you pay for a gym membership doesn’t mean you’re improving the quality of your life.  It’s business. There must be consistent actions, and a system and structure for growth. Results don’t happen from the mindless.  Results happens when in a plan, strategy with focus and discipline. Am I speaking a different language, or as an entrepreneur /Founder you understand the level of discipline and investment your well being requires.

Well being is crucial to success.  You’ve got to be able to move with the tides, the ebbs and flows.  You must be willing to pause before reacting, tune in turn in to uncover your next action step.  Reaction sets off a domino effect like firecrackers, one by one while disrupting your aim, your target.

The gym, your workout, your mental and emotional health

These non- negotiable’s are the foundation of your bottom line.  Growth, increase in revenue takes an ever present practice of intellectual stimulation, innovation and creativity as well as critical thinking and problem solving. Finding activities which consistently challenge your abilities and stimulate your thoughts, actions, feelings, habits and patterns, which translates and integrates into your professional life. 

What’s that worth to you? Why would you separate it?

Why wouldn’t you leverage your ability to show up at the gym to focus your mental energy into action and your emotions into desired outcome?  Sure it’s physical in nature and you see it in sports all the time. The amount of mental and emotional energy invested for success is no different than a CEO, Founder, or entrepreneur.  Business, money, health, it’s all connected. They’re 2 parts to the whole. Together business and health, physical mental and emotional well being will pave a path for you to stay centered grounded focused and moving forward.  

Monica Heiz

Lifestyle Advisor

2 thoughts on “Health. It’s a Business”

  • Interesting article and I can see some corollaries in a strategy I have for my own life right now.
    Currently, I am focused on changing three things – my spirituality, my health and my financial status.
    Thank you for inviting me to see this website! 🙂 <3

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