Health and Well Being

Health and Well Being

Health and well being is often left for another day. When there is more time. The truth is, making health and well being a priority may be just what the Dr. orders to save your life, your relationship and your overall well being. To look at health and well being as a “cost” in itself is a problem. Your health is one of the greatest assets you have. Your body, your mind and your spirit. It becomes a necessity to keep them working optimally, to fuel them well, paying attention to your lifestyle which is the road map that navigates your health and well being. To become aware of the true value of exercise and clean eating, places your health and well being in your own care.

Here are 3 Tips for health and well being for your body mind and spirit

  1. Set time aside during the day, even 10 minutes to begin to make exercise a habit. With 10 minutes a day scheduled you can begin to reinforce your positive actions. Your exercise can be as simple as focus on breathing, crunches, a walk, or even arm swings and body rotation. The point here being START. Start, commit and follow through. Make exercise a habit and a plan that works for you.
  2. Begin to look at exercise and clean eating as a saving plan, as a way to invest in your body. Your health and well being needs attention just like your finances. Take time today to invest your energy in your body through movement and clean eating.
  3. Turn your thoughts and beliefs about exercise being hard or time consuming into a way to appreciate your body and your energy. See exercise and clean eating through a new lens. It serves a purpose to support you. Find a way to enjoy your choice of activity- doing something that you want to be doing. Exercise has no set rules except that you show up to do it. It’s about moving your body. Exercise can be any form of movement and any intensity level. The fact is to begin- and make exercise and clean eating a habit that is the true nature of health and well being.

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