Fitness as a Lifestyle

This may seem odd to mention or talk about. A majority of people use fitness in relationship to eating, food and calories.

Lifestyle honors fitness in all areas of health and well-being. Lifestyle is foundational, from the way you live, things you value, how you spend your time and your overall feeling towards yourself.

If you believe you are worth the time and energy putting in to train for something, or your ability to center yourself, or even have health and fitness goals, you’ll include fitness in your lifestyle.

It’ll be a non-negotiable.

When fitness becomes about eating, food and calories you actually devalue your own sense of identity and well-being. Listen.

Your ability to move, workout has its own set of standards and value for you to connect into. This is where your lifestyle is. Are you feeling powerful? Are you feeling a sense of purpose? Are you in it for the long haul?

Fitness has so many spaces to step into. Strength Training, running, cycling, yoga, Pilates, HIIT, meditation, Barre, dance, the possibilities are endless and the way you connect into your body requires intensity of mind and passion of the heart.

This space for Fitness builds world’s. It brings you emotional, mental and physical strength. It brings you confidence, assertiveness and personal power. Not for show.

For you to ground, flow, feel and open to all you are. This is how you live your lifestyle.

What are you going to shift, add or open to in your mindset and actions to have Fitness be foundational in your lifestyle?

In health & passion,


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