Fitness and Health

Fitness and Health

Modern society has looked at fitness to be a certain way. So much emphasis on harder, more core and strength, from the outside. To be transparent, health in relation to fitness doesn’t come from here. Health in relation to fitness comes from connecting within. Your stabilizing system, your deep intrinsic muscles these are the key to health longer term. When you are active and engaged in this kind of fitness & health you hold power, leverage and the capacity to stand strong. Resistance, while helps us become stronger must be balanced with stability and mobility. Traditional training does not interconnect on a global level this type of motion.

Stability and mobility are foundational for any type of strength, flexibility and movement. No way around it. Stability and mobility keep you young and youthful. It’s not about more or harder. Seriously it is about practical, intentional and integrative. When you can apply all the aspects of fitness into your fitness, you’re on to something. This means scheduling your time for movements and activities which are more than the doing of cardio, weight training or HIIT. This becomes understanding the methods which move your body and the systems as they connect.

Integrating a functional and integrative movement program brings to you greater health from your fitness.

Look to maximize your workouts, by exercises which work your deep muscle fibers of your rotators, your pelvic floor, your inner unit in your hips and the movement of the shoulder blades and rotators of your shoulders. These areas are the true identity of your core. Keep them moving well, with rotation, stability and mobility. Your body will show up stronger, more powerfully and leaner and longer.

The gift in fitness is the health you gain. Don’t sacrifice what you think strength and a healthy body is for the true nature of fitness and health.

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