People are the keystone to success and the ability for the business or community to thrive and grow. Implementing simple yet powerful changes and habits in health and well-being, physically, mentally and emotionally creates changes in the environment and the culture benefiting the employees and members in work life balance.

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Speaker Sheet

Topics for Conversation, Speaking Engagement for Empowering Employees

  • 7 Steps to Creating Optimal Health and Well Being
  • The Power of Emotional and Mental Strength in Business
  • Bridging the Gap in the Workplace. Gaining Control of Your Mental and Emotional Strength for Productivity, Profitability and Well Being
  • Setting Yourself Up for Success Body Mind Spirit
  • Maximizing Resources that Match Your Short Term and Long-Term Goals
  • Increase Your Career Success through Positive Lifestyle Choices

Organizational Testimonials

Monica Heiz is an outstanding professional speaker. Monica is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and dedicated to her craft. She’s a pioneer in all aspects of health and well-being, helping men and women understand the importance of balancing time, energy, focus, and money. Since meeting Monica and attending her in-depth workshops, she’s demonstrated her strengths as both a business owner and as a relationship-builder. Monica has seamlessly introduced companies and small business owners to us at SPARK Orlando, leveraging her connections while providing helpful resources to our entrepreneurial community. I highly recommend Monica Heiz for expert speaking engagements, instructional workshops, and work-life balance seminars.

Freelancers Union, Orlando FL Chapter Organizer Kelly Lamano

Maximizing Resources that Match Your Short Term and Long Term Goals

Meditation for success really relaxed our group.  @monicaheiz did an excellent journey through our 7 Chakras identifying our challenges we are currently facing in our daily lives.  Her technique incorporated breathing, suggestive thoughts, yoga stretching, and sharing with one another our experience.  Many found profound relaxation and answers afterwards!  I look forward to another session with @monicaheiz
Find time to balance work and life!

Avita Samaroo, Samaroo Law Downtown Orlando

Meditation for Success
Bringing Health and Well-Being to the Business Profressional

Monica Heiz is a pioneer in the Fitness and Wellness Industry and she did a great webinar for our membership titled, Increase Your Career Success through Positive Lifestyle Choices.”  She is a great presenter and her webinar was very interactive, giving participants an opportunity to share and to ask questions.  She discussed how choices such as nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and sleep all contribute to strong decision making, clarity, focus and problem solving, and gave attendees great examples of how to incorporate these steps into their lives.  I would highly recommend her to your group!

Kathy Hill, WITI (Women in Technology International) Webinar Manager

“As Program Manager overseeing healthy living events, Monica Heiz was highly recommended for our company. This was a wonderful opportunity to witness Monica’s Lifestyle Advisor credentials. Once all extensive details were provided, both the “Setting yourself Up for Success” and “Eating A Rainbow of Foods” program’s emerged.  Setting Yourself Up for Success incorporated wellbeing into your daily practices as habits. Habits that hold you accountable to your vision, and keeps you moving- literally and figuratively. Whereas Eating a Rainbow of Foods consisted of how food connects your body, mind & spirit in a multitude of ways.

Monica has exceeded expectations by not only collaborating with the Girl Scouts of Citrus but affiliating the Athleta company to better ignite a community of active, healthy, confident women and girls who empower each other to reach their limitless potential.  Both programs offered by Monica became excess demand once registration began and reached max occupancy within 12 hours of website visibility. I highly recommend Monica Heiz, particularly to those who’s goals pertain to personal development of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.” 

Antonio Perez, Program Manager, Girl Scouts of Citrus

Antonio Perez and Charlotte Gleason of Athleta Orlando, FL