Action. Building a new plan to health and well being

Action. Building a new plan to health and well being

Starting out in your career you had a plan, a vision and a way to focus on your investments, your savings. You knew you would increase in earning through growth of your career and in your investments.

How about your plan for health and well being? Maybe you’ve been on an exercise plan, a nutrition plan. A plan that has worked for you, keeps things feeling like your moving.

What if, you desire something greater in your health and well being? Are you willing to put in a greater investment of risk? Risk of doing something different to achieve greater results.

It’s not more time that is needed.

Intellectual Stimulation is necessary. Intellectual Stimulation breaks you free of the glass ceiling you hit up against every time you’re looking for greater gains in health and well being.

To disrupt your status quo in health and well being and continue growth, success and achieving new heights stimulation of your creativity, innovation, critical thinking and problem solving are necessary. Risk what you know for something new. This is where your true journey to health and fitness begins.

You let go. You open to new possibilities. You allow for new methods of fitness and nutrition to inspire you. Inspiration is the birthplace of change. You’re on a new path. One that has you finding excitement, passion in your actions and a sense of joy towards your goals.

Joy is an inner feeling. It’s not the outward result, it is the driving force towards your results. Think of a baseball pitcher. Each time he goes out to play he must have a level of joy- excitement and passion. Status quo for a baseball pitcher means he no longer has the fire necessary to win and play.

Invest in your health and well being. Take on a new plan. Maximize your time and energy, breaking free from the status quo.

Monica Heiz

Lifestyle Advisor

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