About Me

About Me

Through her highly skilled & unique advising, Monica navigates you to see an all inclusive perspective.  Recognizing there has been an imbalance in energy.  Her leadership through intellectual stimulation engages and cheers you in innovative and creative thinking.  The time is now to incorporate your own inner strengths, which is your well being.  Monica views her role to facilitate, and usher in this transition for you through physical training, emotional and mental well being for professional and personal development today, saving you from the expense of poor health later.

For Monica, understanding this energetic dynamic has come natural and intuitive. Being a medical intuitive, Monica has always been able to see the patterns disrupting the steady stream of flow within the body, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Disruption is an undercurrent of energy moving in the wrong direction. For Monica, her energy was disrupted her sophomore year of college at Florida State University. After the death of her grandfather, her mother found herself alone and unheard. Raising a family, having a career and going through life changes, Monica’s mother had a difficult time coping with loss and change at the same time. Her mental and emotional state was chaotic, disrupted and in turmoil. Those are the effects of disruption and change, unless we have the skills, guidance and practices in place. In the midst of this disruption on her mental and emotional energy, she forgot to open the garage door and started the car as usual one morning. That evening, Monica’s younger sister found her mother in the car, dressed for work, with her handbag on the passenger seat, dead from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The loss of her mother was devastating to the family and the community. Monica describes her mother as a bright light. She was active, loved to be around the children in the neighborhood and loved being a mother and a wife. Her mother set the tone for values with her 3 girls, health, money, education and career were of the greatest influence, along with non-judgments of others.

As if that wasn’t a deep enough wound to work with, 2 years later, Monica’s father committed suicide. Even though this didn’t come as a surprise to Monica, the loss was greater and more unbearable than imaginable for a 21 year old with big hopes and dreams.

What Monica realized in this- in these traumatic experiences, is the power of emotional and mental strength, emotional and mental health. Brought up with her parents love of health, clean eating, exercise, these aspects had meaning and purpose in her home. Earning her degree in Nutrition & Fitness had a life, an emotional and mental connection all it’s own. It identified her own sense of being and connection with her family life.

Her path in fitness, the true path she decided to stay on and take action with, earned her a National Aerobic Championship, numerous certifications, and a joy for her own identity while balancing it with what makes her happy. Fitness and Lifestyle.

Building a career in Fitness and Nutrition- not following the crowd, as an athlete and a business owner takes enormous mental and emotional strength.

These strengths are always tested.

From learning to overcome, and manage the loss of her parents, her family, complete her college degree, becoming a top level Group Fitness Instructor in NYC, an elite level athlete, Monica made it her job to redefine and re-establish health and well being. “So much of the work comes from the mental and emotional components”, she says.

These aren’t skills you can learn in school or through a certification, they’re experiential. You must experience them to teach them with emotional intelligence and intellectual stimulation. You must have a context in how they feel, how to feel them, to relate to others.

The power in them is the ability to create change. Lifestyle is a series of choices and decisions. There is no quick fix. It takes practices, habits, re-reinforcement and support.

In understanding her own self, Monica has created a series of programs to support physical, mental and emotional well- being and health. Confidence, courage, good boundaries, self esteem are all built through health and well-being.

Monica Holds a B.S. Degree in Nutrition and Fitness from Florida State University