About Monica

About Monica

Fitness, health and nutrition was foundational for me as a child. I came into this work because of the depth of understand I have at a root level. My college educational path led me to Nutrition & Fitness with a B.S degree from Florida State University. Back then, there was no path in fitness & nutrition. There was no focus on health, nutrition or fitness being an influence for well- being, lifestyle diseases had not been coined yet. New to the career world I set out to find my place, love my work, my environment and the people I worked with. So, I began in my professional career aligning with the sports clubs and high value gyms, corporate wellness companies and later lifestyle medicine practitioners. Those with a keen sense of health and energy, valued all areas of fitness and nutrition. These pioneers were successful businessmen and women who made their health and fitness a priority. They valued their time, money and energy. It showed in the culture of high value gyms, personal training and investment in self-care. From all professions, the one common theme was their passion and love for living a fabulous rich lifestyle

I saw a problem beyond these 4 walls of fitness.

Since I knew the value of training, eating clean and focusing on health through nutrition, fitness and overall lifestyle and I saw the best of the best in NYC with the same habits I knew this wasn’t a fad or something for the moment. I knew there was proof of concept. My world consisted of early morning gym workouts, clean, colorful fresh foods, and quality proteins. These had been a part of my life actually since childhood from my parents and I created a foundation and support system for my health, career and growth.

My fitness career thrived. I stepped into teaching group fitness classes in NYC, all types of classes. I loved the feeling, musicality and movement. I knew what I was doing taking on a career such as this. The impact I made on people’s lives, the joy and creativity I got to share. With it came some rewards and perks. I presented a half time show for a New York Basketball Team where Doc Rivers was in his first coaching role. I received a Yoga Fit Certification to support the company in leading Yoga Classes. The greatest of them all was my scholarship for STOTT Pilates Training. Pilates is a very deep and intricate training which can take years. From here I upleveled my movement therapy and corrective exercise education and training.

Do you want to know why?

I already knew based on the way people were working out and what I saw everyone was going to be in need of biomechanics, form/function correction, balancing the bodies muscular imbalances and the list goes on. I studied with Tom Myers the creator of Anatomy Trains and David Weinstock the creator of NKT Therapy, both manual anatomy training used in physical therapy, chiropractic and movement therapy. This partnered with my STOTT Pilates Training gave me an extraordinary advantage over my colleagues in fitness.

My family of Dr.s and business professionals did NOT see the value in what I was doing. Actually, they mocked me, ridiculed me for my discipline, habits, choices and beliefs, my willingness to understand the qualities of the body for health & healing.

What I believed and stepped forward into had not been built yet, we, were building it. We were the chosen ones. The ones to build something new bringing health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle to the forefront as a necessity, not a luxury. Imagine, Drs not believing in the power of foods, that food sensitivities were a real thing or that exercise as a habit and practice had true purpose and influence in a person’s life. Drugs in their view was the only way to solve the rising issues with health. Imagine the average lawyers not valuing the nature of fitness, health and clean foods, taking for granted their time, energy and health. Money, status, power, title and identity came first, before health.

Today these former rising health issues are lifestyle diseases. We know from a sedentary lifestyle, poor food choices, lack of sunlight, lack of discipline and stress leads to these chronic health conditions which millions suffer from and die from yearly. We have an understanding of the importance of exercise, movement and foods. True to myself, staying at the top of my game, recognizing that fitness today has become more mainstream and lots of options, I choose to work with clients on a more elevated level. Working with movement patterns, corrective exercise, Pilates, and fitness where the body restores, reinvigorates and ignites a greater influence of strength and power within as well as outer. There is a method to my training style and habits, practices and skills in my coaching.

You see,

2005 I won a National Aerobic Championship. I trained with 6 World Champions, worked with a stretch coach and had regular chiropractic/ART therapy and massages for years leading up to it. I invested in my fitness, health and wellbeing with the knowing this level of investment, time, financial and energy would treat me well later in life.

I was correct here. My flexibility, my ability to move in my body has such a way because of the investment I made in my form and movement early on. Just like my nutrition and fitness did from my childhood. I have experience most trainers don’t understand with the body.

All of this wisdom, knowledge and training style I teach my clients. Their well-rounded and very sophisticated way to read their bodies helps them to move with a level of grace, trust and purpose. It is from here with that consistency and discipline I mentioned your body and inner strength takes a whole new level. You become that pioneer in your own right I mentioned. You become the next wave of high-level men and women in fitness, health and well-being. You gain access to a whole way of lifestyle for Longevity.

Longevity is the new Cardio. Longevity is the new luxury.

You’ll find, having a state of being for health, well-being and flow, longevity moves you through some of the greatest rewards of your life.

I am here again, now to lead you through it.

Monica Holds a B.S. Degree in Nutrition and Fitness from Florida State University

National Aerobic Champion GOLD MEDALIST