Money and Health

Money and Health

Your health is one of your greatest assets,  just like Money. Maintaining quality health, eating clean, mindfulness, exercise are all investments today which keep medical costs down in the future.

The problem most successful people have is their view of work and money “well the money’s good” without any regard for the state of their well being.  The fact is right now you can have both.

It begins with your understanding that today, the health you have could be gone tomorrow without the right choices and actions.

Health is more than physical, it’s emotional and mental.  While many spend hours working building emotional connections, even intimacy with others gets lost.  Emotional connection, intimacy and deep feeling gets lost in the perception of success. I guarantee, emotional connection with another is one of the greatest ways to experiences health and well being.

Did you want to have that relationship with money, or do you want to have that relationship with a warm passionate significant other?  

You can have both.  

It requires you to put down your belief of money and take a fierce look at your health.

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